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Santanyí  is a quiet town full of stone-clad houses. Its history is special as there was an extensive trade in stones that left its characteristic image.

The landscapes are very natural and beautiful, typical of the Mediterranean. For this reason, it is not surprising that in Santanyí we are surrounded by paradisiacal spaces characterized by calm, blue and crystalline water and the limestone of the white cliffs.

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It has other tourist attractions that we can enjoy every day of the week; especially on Saturdays, when the island’s popular fruit, vegetable and gastronomic products market takes place. Among them, the sale of Mallorcan cheese, sobrasada and many other foods that have long been produced on the island are already part of the tradition of their culture. In addition, all these typical dishes can be tasted in many restaurants and cafes in the area.

We also find other cultural offerings such as art galleries and businesses of all kinds. Despite the fact that their manifestations can achieve interculturality and have the typical cosmopolitan character of any art gallery, we find remains of the culture and life of the region in these small art or design shops . In all artistic forms they demonstrate and prove the leisurely and relaxed lifestyle of the island.

Something that gets a lot of attention in this city, however, is the reddish color and stone cladding of most of the buildings. This picturesque town shows you the authenticity of Mallorca.

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Santanyi is in a perfect natural environment to get to know if we visit the south of the island of Mallorca. There is no doubt that we have a cultural offer for all tastes. We can not only enjoy the tradition of a city and its culture, but also a wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere. You just have to let yourself be enveloped by its aroma, colors and architecture.