In the gastronomy of Santanyí, Majorcan Sobrasada and Tumbet are two classics that you should definitely try when visiting this Balearic community. Next, we’ll talk about some of the region’s most typical dishes and recipes so everyone knows what to expect from the delicious Mallorcan cuisine.


The cuisine of Mallorca is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean diet and the local products of this region, from which recipes are prepared with a lot of taste.

Interesting recipes like Arroz Brut, a rice dish prepared with tasty broth, garden products and lots of spices, stand out. Also the Coca de Trempó, a batter on which fried onion, green pepper and tomato are placed.

Other typical dishes should also be highlighted, such as the Frit Mallorquín, made from potatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes and meat; the Bullit de Peix (cooked fish), one of the most traditional recipes where the quality of the Majorcan fish attracts attention; or Tumbet, a ratatouille made from potatoes, aubergines, peppers and zucchini, to which meat or fish can be added if desired.

When we check the quality of some products or ingredients, which are exquisite in themselves, we cannot miss the Sobrasada from Mallorca, one of the most famous and delicious in the whole country. It’s also interesting to try both the Butifarra (fresh pork sausage) and the Camaiot (aged pork sausage).

When it comes to desserts, there is no doubt that the Ensaimada is the most popular option not only nationally but also internationally. It is a pastry made from egg, sugar and flour and baked in the oven. It is shaped like a spiral and is offered with or without filling. The Ensaimada is filled either with angel hair (Cabello de Ángel; a kind of pumpkin jam), cream or vanilla cream.

fresh vegetables

An amazing aspect that we can highlight about the city of Santanyí and its gastronomy is that there are currently two restaurants that are operated by famous German actors, among others.

The restaurant Sa Cova in the Plaza Mayor offers delicious recipes and excellent products from Uwe Ochsenknecht. In addition, live music concerts will be offered according to the program of its agenda to accompany and enliven the night.

On the other hand, the actor and businessman Til Schweiger opened the Henry likes Pizza Pizzeria in Santanyí, a restaurant where you can enjoy this delicious meal in a different way.

In short, in Santanyí’s gastronomy, the Majorcan Sobrasada and Tumbet are specialties that you should try, although there are many more important dishes of the Balearic cuisine.