We present you a small winery on the island of Mallorca, the Bodega 7103 Petit Celler. A Mallorcan winery owned by two young agricultural technicians, and one of them is also a winemaker. 7103m2 is the unit area of the typical agricultural land for the island, called Quarterada. A quarterada is 7103m2, a number that, like the indigenous varieties, is deeply rooted on the island. Our philosophy is the production of local quality wines.

Santa Maria del Camí in a bottle of wine

The passion of this bodega is based on the preservation, production and distribution of the autochthonous varieties of the island of Mallorca, in particular the varieties Mantonegro and Premsal Blanc, two autochthonous and exclusive grape varieties par excellence.

Premsal Blanc

The wine is made from the grapes from our own farm, from vines that were planted fifty years ago by the grandfather of one of the two partners. 95% of the grapes produced in the winery are native varieties of the island.

Santa Maria del Camí in a bottle of wine

young agricultural technicians