Coves in Mallorca, like the Cala Santanyí, are the most sought-after places on the island, with their idyllic scenery, clear waters and white sand. Cala Santanyí is, of course, one of the most beautiful coves on the entire island and undoubtedly deserves a visit on your next trip. Also, unlike other coves, it is easily accessed and has parking nearby, making this cove the perfect option for unforgettable moments. We reveal much more about this small beach and its setting below.

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Discovering the beauty of Cala Santanyí

If you’ve never seen photos of Cala Santanyí, we recommend taking a look. We’re certain you’ll want to include this point on your route around the island of Mallorca. This beach is 80 metres long and 80 metres wide, while its shape means you can enjoy the peaceful water as it is sheltered from the swell. This makes it perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving, two of the most popular activities for the thousands of families that visit the island every year. 

Here’s how to get there: from Palma, it is about 40 minutes by car along the Ma-19 motorway, but if you prefer to avoid the motorway and take a more rural route, you can take the Ma-15 road, which will take a little under 1 hour from Palma to Cala Santanyí. If you haven’t come to Mallorca by car, you can use public transport: there is a bus route that connects the capital with Santanyí and the journey takes 1 hour and 25 minutes. 

This small, but beautiful, cove is located 10 minutes from the town of Santanyí.

Dream beaches for relaxing

The beach at Cala Santanyí is exactly what you would expect of a cove in Mallorca: a small beach with fine, white sand; turquoise, clear waters; and a real feeling of paradise. When it comes to this Mallorcan cove, there is also a lot of surrounding vegetation, providing shade and making the scenery even more beautiful. As we said before, it is quite a lot easier to access compared to other island coves, making this place an ideal destination for families. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that it is a Blue Flag beach, meaning that it is very clean and perfectly safe.

If you prefer a more peaceful option with fewer people and bursting with nature, we recommend a boat excursion to the island and Nature Park of Cabrera. Here, you can swim in the Blue Cave, go snorkelling and enjoy the fauna and flora of this unspoilt Mediterranean spot. This is a safe bet for spending the day in an exceptional setting before returning to the liveliness of Mallorca.

Exploring the secret corners of Cala Santanyí

The beach is undoubtedly the best thing that Cala Santanyí has to offer, but there’s plenty more to this destination:

Es Pontàs lookout point

From this lookout point, just a few minutes from the Cala Santanyí beach, you can admire “Es Pontàs”, a rocky formation in the sea, in the shape of an arch. You can also enjoy some stunning views of the entire area.

Sa Torre Nova

This is an old defence tower that has been recently restored and can now be visited. From here, you can also enjoy some magnificent sea views.

Cala Santanyí car park

You might be wondering why we have included a car park in a list of special places in Cala Santanyí. And it’s because car parking is so important in Mallorca that we couldn’t leave it unmentioned. Having a car park so nearby is one of the main appeals to this paradise, as normally it’s not possible to come by car to most of the island’s coves.

For those who can visit this cove by boat, you’ll be pleased to know that you can anchor the boat during the day as the seabed is sandy and sufficiently deep. This is an incredible way to experience the Mallorcan lifestyle! With a boat, you’ll also get a clear and exclusive view of the sunset.


Local cuisine: flavours to try near Cala Santanyí

If you come to Mallorca, you simply must try the local cuisine, and at Cala Santanyí you will find some very interesting restaurants. Don’t miss out on trying some classic dishes of Mallorcan cuisine, such as arrós brut (a rice broth), tumbet (a vegetable dish), cocas (a type of pastry) or pica-pica (a traditional stew) and many more. You can also, of course, find several restaurants in which to try some tapas or grilled seafood.

At the bars of Cala de Santanyí, you can enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail in the evening, when many visitors to Mallorca meet to experience that oh-so-special moment on the islands. If you prefer to visit something on the outskirts, it is worth spending some time in Santanyí, an authentic town with lots of restaurants, markets and a history involving pirates. Today, artworks can be seen at many points across the town, attracting many international artists.


Discover Cala de Santanyí and Mallorca

Cala de Santanyí is featured on every list of places to visit in Mallorca, and for good reason: an idyllic beach that is easily accessible and offers every convenience: car park, restaurants, public-transport connection, water activities, showers, lifeguards, sun loungers and parasols. Everything you need for a great day with family or friends.

If you want to stay near Cala de Santanyí, at Drac Mallorca  you can find several options for fantastic accommodation: apartments and houses, with or without a pool, very close to this area. From here, you can visit the entire island, and it’s also the perfect spot for relaxing on your holiday to Mallorca.