Cala Mondragó Beach, S’Amarador Beach and Caló de Burgit Beach.

The edge of the Mondragó Natural Park is 2.5 km east of the city of Santanyí and the heart of the Cala Mondragó Park is 6 km from the city and 5.6 km from S’Alqueria Blanca. The closest towns on the coast: Porto Petro, 2 km northeast, and the Cala Figuera Park in the southwest.

There are plenty of free parking spaces at the north and south-west entrances and an information center at the north entrance.

From Cala Mondragó you can go to S’Amarador beach by following a path to the west. Take a path east and go to Calós de Burgit beach.

Cala Mondragó

Also known as Caló de sa Font de n’Alis, with its original name in Mallorca. It is closest to the park’s information center and therefore the most easily accessible. It can be quite busy in high season, although the atmosphere is always calm and familiar. It has a bar and a restaurant ..


Beautiful pristine beach with white sand not far from the previous one which is easy to walk to.

Caló Des Burgit

The most distant bay is also the least touristic. Small and with a slightly complicated access, it’s well worth the effort to get to for those looking to land on a beach farther from the crowds.

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