Living in Mallorca means enjoying the beautiful weather and everything that nature has in store for us in areas that are as surprising as Santanyí. So if you want to live in a place with so much charm, it is important that you know the shops. A great variety that will surprise you again and again and which will only convince you even more of your need to live in such a charming place as this.

Art and ceramic shops

In this area there are many production facilities and many shops that are still exclusively dedicated to the execution of ceramic art. Workshops that have existed all our lives and that still make the works that will later adorn our houses with their own hands. Art is something that does not go unnoticed in Santanyí. Let’s take a look at the most famous workshops and shops in the area.

Tony Mora boots

The art shouldn’t just hang on the walls or stand on a shelf. Tony Mora in Mallorca is the clearest embodiment of it. In this store you can find exclusive cowboy style boots with different textures, colors and patterns that will not leave you indifferent. This is a clear example that art can also be worn on one’s own body. It is a must see while wandering around Santanyí.

Mandala in Santanyí

In Mandala leather is used in all aspects, from exclusive shoes to belts, bags to suitcases and other accessories that we cannot do without. Aside from selling these products, they are made in a personalized way so that we can take home a product made to our liking.

Artisanal ceramics Terra Cuita in Santanyí

Pottery is no longer the same as it used to be, but it is still made using the same process. One and the same medium for very different products. We will not be able to leave Terra Cuita without taking some of its colorful pieces with us, with the possibility of customizing them to our liking so that they fit even better into our home.

Ceramics Ramón Canyelles

Another house that stands out for its innovative style, but without losing the essence of ceramics. Pieces that will fascinate you and that you will want to take home with you.

In addition to all these workshops with integrated shops, you will find a large number of galleries in Santanyí in which works of art by well-known artists are exhibited, such as the Casa de Arte with the works of Gemma Leys.

Life in this area has many positive aspects in an atmosphere that we cannot escape from.