The beaches of Santanyi have been awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of their water. Spending the summer here or living in this community in Mallorca is a unique opportunity! This article explains the main bays that you can visit.

Cala d’Or, Cala Figuera

First of all, let’s focus our attention on Cala d’Or. It is a tourist complex that attracts large numbers of visitors every year and is located in the south-east of Mallorca. The most striking thing about this bay is that it is very varied and you can enjoy leisure or relaxation as well as sports in the sea. This place is also popular with families. You can also stop at Cala Figuera, which is very close to Cala d’Or.

beaches santanyi cala figuera

Caló des Moro, Cala Llombards, s’Amarador

Another recommended bay is Caló des Moro, which until recently was one of the most pristine beaches in the area. But now so popular that you have to expect waiting times for access. Its main attraction is that its water is crystal clear and is in no way inferior to the beaches of the Caribbean. The landscape is also spectacular and offers unbeatable views. The sand is clean and fine, in addition to the large rocks.

beach santnayi calo des moro
Caló des Moro

A small but cozy beach is Cala Llombards. It’s only 55 meters long, so you have to get up early to find a seat before the entrance is closed. The appearance of nature enlivens this corner surrounded by pine trees and bushes.

beaches in santanyi Majorca, Cala Llombards

S’Amarador beach is easily accessible by car as it has parking nearby so you can enjoy the cleanliness of the sea and its sand. The water is crystal clear and the aquatic fauna is a paradise for lovers of the sea and diving and snorkeling.

It is always a good plan to come to Santanyi and see the beauty of its nooks and crannies. There are countless possibilities that meet the various needs, as well as the length of stay and access options, whether by car or public transport.

Summer is ideal for beach lovers as well as for various water sports. There is also the opportunity to explore nature reserves, visit bars and restaurants and do sports, including golf.