Santanyí is more than a tourist town. Thanks to its schools, emergency medical outpatient clinics and other services, it allows you to live there with the family and enjoy everything you need. Of course, as with any tourist destination, the leisure activities are very high for all age groups.

Santanyí offers us the incredible opportunity to live in one of the most popular tourist spots. This place is ideal as it is not overly large, although its population multiplies in summer due to the tourists who visit it.

Cala Llombards – Mallorca

Like every holiday resort, especially on the coast, Santanyí offers, in addition to wonderful beaches and a large selection of restaurants and cafés, all the services necessary for adults and children to feel comfortable and lead a normal life.

A city that thinks of the youngest

Of course, there should also be schools where you can bring your children. Fortunately, we have the option to choose between a public and a private institution from pre-school level. Of course there is also a secondary school in Santanyí.

In the public library, the pupils will find rooms for studying or the books that are of great use for their schooling.

The Santanyí Music School will help us impart more knowledge to our children. It should be noted that this place is closely related to culture in its various forms. It has a reputation for bringing together different artists of different nationalities due to its landscapes and the great summer weather. It is without a doubt a great source of inspiration.

There is also no shortage of sports fields and various facilities where the whole family can play sports. On the other hand, a stroll along its beaches is also irresistible.

Plaza Mayor -Santanyí

From health care to solving any problem

Even as a quiet place, the security that enables perfect coexistence between the neighbors should not be missing. In Santanyí there are police stations, first aid services with emergency doctors, various lawyers, a notary’s office, etc. Due to its tourist attractiveness, there is no shortage of petrol stations and of course specialized pharmacies. If you want to purchase the basic products necessary for every home, Santanyí offers us supermarkets, hardware stores and all kinds of shops. There are also stationery stores and bookstores supplying us with newspapers and magazines as well as teaching materials for students of all levels.

Santanyí offers us everything we need to live here with the whole family. From schools, institutes, ambulances or emergency doctors to an idyllic landscape chosen by artists and a multitude of tourists who do not hesitate to visit this city as a summer resort.