We’ve all heard of Santanyi’s spectacular beaches, leisure activities and gastronomy. But have you ever thought about discovering the culture and art of Santanyi in Mallorca and its sculptures? It’s another way to get to know the charm of this tourist town on the Balearic island.

One of the most unique works that we can find on its territory is Equilibrio Sur. A creation that is part of a European project made up of five monuments. These are strategically located to trace a cross over the old continent through imaginary connection of the cardinal points.

Equilibrio Centro is located in the Bensberg Sculpture Park near Cologne; Equilibrio Norte in Trondheim (Norway); The eastern equilibrium was established in the south of Volgograd in Staryi Serepta (Russia) and West Equilibrium in Cork, Ireland.

The German Rolf Schaffner (1927-2008) is the author of this project.He was unable to finish it himself because the last stele was erected in 2009. The first of these is the one that stands in Cala Santanyí and was built in 1995. The thoughts in stone of this sculptor form meridians of peace. They show that a balance between different cultures is possible.

Schaffner spent almost four decades in Mallorca, where he left most of his art. His other well-known creations include Los Caballos (1963) on Finca Morla. And further the twenty or so monumental stone sculptures that are in the Possessió Son Danús area.

Los Caballos – Rolf Schaffner

The precious legacy of Jaume Mir

When we visit this southeastern municipality of Mallorca and its surroundings, we will also come across the valuable legacy of the classical sculptor Jaume Mir (Felanitx, 1915-Palma de Mallorca, 2012). In Calonge (municipality of Santanyí), for example, you will find a sculpture by him. It recalls an episode in history that took place there on June 16, 1715 during the War of Succession.

It commemorates the thirty brave men who lost their lives when they opposed the landing of the invading forces of Felipe V. Their aim was to create the Bourbon dynasty. Antoni Mas Bracet, Joan Mayol, Antoni Jordi, Joan Nicolau, Jaume Alou and Gabriel Amengual are some of the brave men who died during this heroic intervention.

Mir is considered the most famous sculptor in the Balearic Islands and probably one of the most famous in Spain in recent times. It is also worth taking a look at the six five-meter sculptures by the Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi. They can be found in the S’Abeurador Interpretations Center in Santanyí.

In summary, these three examples are the most outstanding ones that will amaze you with the culture, art and sculptures of Santanyí in Mallorca. More than enough to spend some time in this wonderful city.