Santanyí is characterized by the beaches of its municipality, where the crystal clear water is particularly striking. The city’s name is also known for a relatively new climbing method called psicobloc (psycho-bouldering) or deep water soloing, which is practiced on the cliffs of its famous bays in Mallorca.

Next, we explain Santanyí’s relationship with the psicobloc.

We shouldn’t be surprised that this climbing method, which was born in the late seventies of the last century, gets this attractive name. After all, it is characterized by the fact that the rocks that overlook the sea serve as platforms. Therefore we can both climb and take a dip in the calm Mallorcan waters.

These ascents are carried out with swimwear (without safety) and reach a maximum height of 20 meters. Falls are common so you have to be in good shape to tackle the climbs.

Although this discipline was already part of the training of Mallorcan climbers, it only really became known in 2002. It is seen as an extension of what we know as block climbing.

Although there are around four hundred psicoblocs in Mallorca, those from Santanyí have a special charm for lovers of this type of climbing.

In fact, we can practice deep water soloing on the overhangs created in the rock formations that rise above the water. In these overhanging slabs we even find some with notable slopes.

We are referring to rocks in which sandstone and limestone are mixed that are hundreds of meters from the beach. Since these rocks face south, we have sun for most of the day to climb them.

The routes are not too long (around fifteen meters). However, if we swim four hundred meters, we will reach Es Pontàs, the much prized natural rock arch: on this one of the most daring deep water soloings can be done not only in Mallorca, but all over the world.

So, within half a kilometer, we have two different levels of psicobloc. Two experiences that we can have, depending on our personal level, to master this type of climbing over the Mediterranean.

In short: Santanyi – Sport – Climbing – Psicobloc – Cliffs … these are a few words that we understand as a whole after reading this text. A combination to which we have to add entertainment and vacation!